Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to my new house! Isn't it cute? I'd like to point out the nice new siding and the new roof. It's on the corner (to the left of this picture) so there's a bunch of lawn to play on which looks disturbingly green to my utah sensibilities. Note the two car garage which will bring me (I'm told) a world of joy come bad weather season. Not to mention the safety of having the car doubly locked. Moving on...

This is the entry/living room, which was described by Ben as being "not especially spacious, but it will do", to which I have to wonder what exactly he has been smoking, since I know full well he was living in student housing for quite some time and should look on this room with the same awe and wonder that I do, based on the next picture which is of the same room...

See? It's huge! I suppose that it wouldn't look as big if it was the only room of that sort in the house, but since it is accompanied by a family room just down the hall, it's fantastic! I have one room for the clutter that comes with kids and a huge dvd collection, and a nice living room for my piano and china closet so when people come to my house they won't be scared away. The landlord is putting in new carpet (dark charcoal grey) and repainting (we can paint whatever we want to as well ^_^)

I might post more pictures later, but it's freaking out when I try to do lots.

I'm trying to get quotes on moving companies, whether it's worth it to drive ourselves, (which I doubt), or the upack thing, or more of movers. I've done a lot of research on moving scams and reviews and abf comes off really nice. I even read a post from someone who moved her piano with them and packed it really well and nothing bad happened to it. So that's encouraging. I'm really excited about this house though, I wish it didn't entail moving away from here and family, because I want to move NOW, but I don't want to leave yet!

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