Thursday, April 3, 2008

ha ha ha ha ha. Whew. Glad That's over.

Okay, so I finally talked to Buffi and everythings fine and apparently always was. As my mother is always saying, Communication is the Key to Everything! Seriously, every time she watched the Scarlett Pimpernel, she points out that if the husband and wife would just talk to each other, there wouldn't be any problems, and nobody would have to be upset and/or arrested. So the only reason there was a problem was that Buffi was in major training and thusly didn't call me, and also didn't feel a great need to call me because she wasn't upset or anything, she was happy for me and thought everything was fine.

Soooo, anyway. I'm trying to get my house clean before I start my new job, because I'm pretty sure that I won't want to clean other people's messes all day and then come home to my own big mess. So I figure that if my house is really really clean to start with, then all I'll have to do is just keep it that way (which takes a lot less effort). I am optimistic, but I also know that it's not going to last extremely long--hopefully long enough that next time I have to get things back under control again I can just pack it all up in boxes. Lately I've just been throwing it all away. My mom told me to save stuff for a yard sale in the summer, but I don't have anywhere to keep it, and it's worth more to me to have it AWAY than make the 2 bucks it'll bring in June. I told the kids that any toys they sell they can keep the money for themselves--but Jimmy got so excited about that he wants to sell his Thomas tracks. I asked him why, because then he'd be sad his trains didn't have anywhere to do. He told me that he would just buy new tracks with the money he got from selling the old ones. Oops. But hopefully we'll get that sorted out.

My cousin is looking at a house for me today in Reynoldsburg. We are trying really hard to get into the Reynoldsburg school district because they've made a really attractive plan for Zoe's schooling. So I found a house on craigslist the other day that might work. It's 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, backyard, garage, basement, all that stuff. We'll see what Ben has to say after he's been inside it. He drove past it yesterday and said it looked nice, and it's not a split level, which is a point in its favor right there. Several points in fact. Another nice thing is that they don't want to rent it until June, so they would be more willing to work with us I think. It would be really nice to have housing all set up and done--but I don't think it will happen for a while yet.

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