Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my own pictures

Okay, so here are some actual pictures from our trip, but don't be too critical of them because a) they haven't been cleaned up yet and b)I didn't take them.

Here are my two cuties, happy as all get out to finally be out of the car and in the weirdest place they've ever been. See what I mean about the logs being impossibly straight and impossibly bent?

I'd also like to point out the expression on my son's face--that's his "excited face". I don't have any of the accompanying audio for the excited face, but hopefully you can use your imagination.

This is a kids ranger talk at Old Faithful about Bison. It was a pretty cool little program that the kids had to attend to get their Junior Ranger badges, and they got to touch the buffalo hide and bones and horns and stuff.

In this picture, please notice Zoe's eyes--they're a little too bright for the picture and her expression. Kinda makes you think of Crazy Eddie...

Family picture by the Yellowstone River, this would be after Chris got a geyser shower and is fairly cold and stinky. I hear some people pay good money for mineral water baths but i don't think this is what they had in mind.

This is lunch at Otter Creek picnic ground, about 3 miles south of Canyon. We had lunch there and then let the kids run around a bit. Not too much because we were about 4 feet away from that nice drop-off to the freezing cold gigantic river, but...

This is, again, very typical attitudes and behaviors from both of my children.

Here's the Grizzly and her cub that we saw by Fishing Bridge. The funny thing is that this picture isn't even zoomed in--they were that close! The cub is so cute and fluffy and he's just like a kid, he tries to follow mama and do what she does and then he gets distracted and has to hurry back to her and pretend like he's been there the whole time.

The movie star at West Thumb.

Moose at Jackson Lake Lodge. This is a mama and the bit of brown you see just behind her rear end is her baby. This is what we saw in the afternoon, but when Chris and I went back later to try to see a doctor about his back we saw them both crossing the road right in front of our car, but it happened too quickly to get a camera out. The baby was so cute though, trying to walk with his mama's dignity but then a little yappy dog in a camper started barking at him and he jumped and ran as fast as his spindly little legs could carry him

Eating ice cream at our Tent Cabins. I have nothing more to say about this picture.

This is something interesting that we saw on the way out of the park. I don't remember what, but we stopped and took a picture. I do remember that right before this Jimmy slammed the door on his own arm and it was incredibly hard to tell whether it was broken and swollen or just cute and baby-fat. He did have a few cuts though and he screamed and cried for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

So much fun! I can't believe you're moving away! We totally need to get together for lunch or something before you go.