Sunday, June 8, 2008

Allison Simpson

So, I've heard about this simpsonizer thing for a long time, but only just decided to try it. So here's me--the picture I used was from last fall so my hair's shorter, but I think it's pretty good!

Here's Chris, I think it's cute! The beard could be a little grayer, but it's good enough! ^_^ I also like how his hand is out as if he's explaining something in a very didactic way.

Here's my little Jim--I don't think his is as good, since it's hard to get that messy hair and rosy cheeks and perpetually backwards pants. But it's cute!

And here's Zoe, looking all cute and adorable and simpson-like. My mom cut her bangs today so we can actually see her eyes now, and it's good. The next thing is to square off the back of her hair so she looks less like a ragamffin--she's insisting on growing it out though. Frankly I think it's adorable. Give it two more inches and even it out a bit and it'll be the cutest cut she's ever had.

I'll probably post again this week before our Yellowstone trip on Friday.

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pwells said...

We should all be Simpsonized before the trip - the omen for a good vacation is "Simpson Clouds".