Wednesday, June 11, 2008


First of all, I'm not sure why "bay area vegetarians" have a site about chocolate chip cookies, but they do.

Secondly and much more importantly, I have recently found out some very interesting things about the Ohio Department of Agriculture's rules about home baked food. As long as it is labeled properly, I can bake things in my own home and sell them anywhere I want to without being inspected or licensed or anything. I can't sell any "potentially hazardous food", the definition of which was drilled into me at culinary school, which includes basically anything that has to be refrigerated, and while I am allowed to sell things like chocolate dipped pretzels, I can't mix pretzels and nuts together and sell them together. I think that has something to do with repackaging trademarked stuff or something like that...

Anyway, what this means is that now instead of having to find a job and a daycare for Jimmy and possibly Zoe after school to bring in the money I need, I can stay home with them and do what I love to do! I am SO EXCITED!!! Don't worry that I think it's going to be easy, it's going to take a lot of work on my part to get stores to carry my stuff, but it'll be totally worth it!

But I need help--I need a name for my little company. I've always liked the name BabyCakes, but unfortunately that's already taken in Ohio. Chris came up with the best name I've ever heard of, Sweet Nothings, but that's already taken also (no surprise there, it's perfect). So I need ideas. I need a name that conveys what I sell and at the same time implies that the impact is negligible. So Sweet Nothings is good because it gives the idea that you can eat the gigantic brownie and yet it's worth nothing caloricaly--it conveys airiness and lightness.

So I know all of you are more creative than me, so lets hear those ideas!

oh yeah, I said a, whoever has the winning name gets...uh...a plate of tester cookies. Yeah, that's it. So hop to it!

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