Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fine, I'll do it myself.

Okay, so no one wants to help me come up with a name. That's okay, now I don't have to give anyone cookies! I came up with one all by myself, and I think I like it a lot.

"There's No Cake Like Home"

Chris is helping me make a logo, which is slow going because he knows what he thinks it should look like, and I know what I think it shouldn't look like, but I have no idea what I DO want it to look like. He's tinkered with it so that it's pretty good but I think it's still missing something. I tried to put it up here but it's still a pdf and so it doesn't like it. I'll get it up here soon.

I also found out yesterday that the week after we arrive there's a festival called the Taste of Reynoldsburg, and they're going to have tons of booths and advertisement and stuff. Like an Arts Festival of food. I am so excited about this, because there's all kinds of advertisement involved and it will have my business name on it, flyers and signs and everything. People will get to sample my stuff and PAY for it! You can't give anything away for free, everything has to be $1-3, so I'm trying to plan what I'm going to make and how much to charge. Last year 5000 people came to this festival, and while I don't want to end up with boxes of uneaten cookies, I can't run out in the middle!

I'm so excited about this--what a great way to start out my little business!


pwells said...

I know I haven't submitted a suggestion, but isn't that too long for a catchy title? Or will people be able to remember it? Will it fit on a business card?

erin said...

Do you have to have a buisness license to be in the festival?

Sounds like fun. Good luck?

Sorry I would have submitted an idea if I could come up with one.

Allison Hill said...

well, Mother, if you don't like what I came up with, how about suggesting something else? I have no idea and all Chris came up with is "Cuttin' Muffins" which is only funny if you get the joke and if you DO get the joke you wouldn't want to eat them.

pwells said...

I didn't say I didn't like it. I do. I just worried about those questions I asked. And if I were talented I'd have thought of something myself. You guys are the creative ones!

Fellfrosch said...

I don't like it, does that count? Here's a list of equally bad suggestions, based on song titles:

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Cake

The Cake-Spangled Banner

Lucy in the Sky with Cake

In Our Lovely Dessert

I Like Big Cakes (And I Cannot Lie)

High On a Muffin Top

Puff the Magic Brownie

I'll Have To Say I Love You with a Cake

Cake on the Soles of Her Shoes

Nights in White Cake

Me and Cake Down by the Schoolyard

Oh How Lovely Was the Cake

Still Crazy After All this Cake

Rene and Georgette Magritte with their Cake after the War

Will You Still Love Cake Tomorrow?

Live and Let Cake

Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 55, "Cake"

A Cake Over Troubled Waters

Yeah, so it turns out Paul Simon has a lot of really awesome ones for this. 50 Ways to Eat Your Cake? It's almost too easy.

pwells said...

I really like "Puff the Magic Brownie" and "Live and Let Cake". Although my favorite is "Will you still Love Cake Tomorrow" but I think that leaves a negative aftertaste.

Allison Hill said...

You people!

I asked for help and you give me Paul Simon. Hilarious though!

RobisonWells said...

If music works, why not movies?

For Whom the Cake Tolls

Cake Can Wait

The Cake of St. Mary's

The Best Cake of Our Lives

It's a Wonderful Cake

Cake on 34th Street

The Cake of the Sierra Madre

All the King's Cake

All About Cake

A Cake Named Desire

The Greatest Cake on Earth

Seven Cakes For Seven Brothers

Cake is a Many-Splendored Thing

The Cake and I

The Cake on the River Kwai

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

The Cake of Anne Frank

The Cakes of Navarone

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cake

A Clockwork Cake

Cake of the Spider Woman

Cake of a Lesser God

Fellfrosch said...

I would totally buy a cake from A Cake Named Desire. And while I probably wouldn't buy a cake from Cake of a Lesser God, I'd definitely visit their website.

Also: I thought that your randomly-generated word verification thingy was asking me to write a dirty word, but it turned out one of the O's was actually a Q. So I'll it you off this time, but let's keep it clean in the future.

RobisonWells said...

I forgot one:

No Cake For Old Men

Fellfrosch said...

How Green Was My Cake

The Cake Who Loved Me

C.T., the Cake-a-terrestrial

Layer Cake

Allison Hill said...

That's awesome!!!

I actually would use Cake and I or All About Cake, but I already came up with a perfect one

Faerie Cakes

Which isn't just me being weird, it means cupcakes. And it's faeries. So I like it.

I think I'm going to make something around Halloween and call it Cake of the Spiderwoman.

Fellfrosch said...

Little Cake on the Prairie

Cake is Enough

The Scarecrow and Mrs. Cake

Cake, P.I.

Remington Cake

Star Trek: The Cake Generation

Cakesky and Hutch

Monday Night Cakeball

By the way: this will never get old.

Anonymous said...

I think my very favorite is "High on a Muffin Top" It would be the perfect name for a muffin store...in Utah.

How about

Les Cakerables

Brother Cake

Lord of the Cake

SeaBiscuit (that one doesn't even need to be modified!)

Anyway, I just had to join in the fun!

RobisonWells said...

Let's see those jazz hands! It's Broadway!

42nd Cake

Cakes Aweigh!

Cakes in Arms

Cakes in Toyland

The Best Little Cake in Texas

Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Cake

La Cake aux Folles

Damn Cakes

Gentlemen Prefer Cakes

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Cake

My Fair Cake

On a Clear Day You Can See Cake

Stop the World--I Want to Get Cake

Sunday in the Park with Cake


Fellfrosch said...

Michelangelo's Cake

The Sistine Cake

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Cake

Cake-a Lisa

Whistler's Cake

Starry Cake

Cake Gothic

The Last Cake

The Cake of Venus

The Cake of Shalott

The Cake of Earthly Delights

Cake de Milo

Still Life of Cake

Self-portrait of Cake

Along the River During the Cake Ming Festival

Cake Elvis

Fellfrosch said...

Some of my favorite games:

Cake: The Gathering

Axis & Cake: The Battle of the Bulge

Cake and Dragons

History of the Cake

Cake Rally

Once Upon a Cake

Cake Showdown

Descent: Journeys into the Cake

Cakehammer 40k

1960: The Making of a Cake

Apples to Cake

You Be the Cake

RobisonWells said...

And why hasn't anyone mentioned Allied propaganda films from WWII?

The Cake Behind the Army

Cake on the March

Cake Review No. 3

Fighting the Fire Cake

Cakes For Defense

Safeguarding Cake Information

The Autobiography of a Cake

Cake: Before and After

German Industrial Cake

Cakes, Their Prevention and Extinguishment

Recognition of the Japanese Cake Fighter

Servicing Cake: Procedure for Uncrating

The Cake in a Test Tube

Cake! Battle of New Britain

The Cake That Came to Stay

V-1: The Robot Cake

Soldiers Without Cakes

Not Peace But a Cake

Cake: Weapon of Conquest

RobisonWells said...

Or banned books?

As Cake Lay Dying

The Book of One Thousand and One Cakes

The Cake in the Rye

The Communist Cake

Cakes For Algernon

The Golden Book of Cake Experiments

Lady Chatterly's Cake

Mein Kake

Cakes of Chairman Mao Zedong

The Satanic Cakes

Steal This Cake

Uncle Tom's Cake

Allison Hill said...

my brothers are awesome