Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My son

I have to share something my wonderful son said the other day. We were talking about names, and how they each were named after someone--Zoe Elizabeth after me, and James Robert after my dad. So I asked Jimmy if he knew what his middle name was.

Jimmy: Jimmy
Me: No, that's your nickname. What's your middle name?
Jimmy: Jim
Me: No, your first name is James, your nickname is Jimmy, like how Daddy's name is Christopher but his nickname is Chris. What's your middle name? What's your whole big long name?
Jimmy: I like cheese
Me: That's fantastic. But what's your big big long name?
Jimmy: (shouting) James Robert Hill Put That Down!!!!!!!!

I guess it's true that children are a reflection of their parents. I just wish the mirror was a little more blurred.


Anonymous said...

Alli, that is just SOOOOOO PRECIOUS!!!!! I can't believe how big your kiddies are getting. We totally need to get together before you move. Hey, how about next Wednesday? I'm gonna be in Salt Lake. We could go out to lunch or something...

pwells said...

Be thankful it was "put that down". Think of how many other things it could have been!

erin said...

Sammy's full name is "Samuel for crying out loud!"

Very cute Allison.