Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Sooo, I went to Columbus last week. Chris was in some dumb little park in PA working for his brother, and he met me there so we could look around. First of all, as I'm flying eastward, I'm noticing a disturbing trend in the way the ground is getting flatter and flatter. We landed in Chicago, I didn't have to change planes, but I did get to get off and use a REAL bathroom and grab some food. I sat on the plane and looked out the window at the city-it was SO pretty. When we took off we kind of circled around so I got a great view of the biggest city I've ever see, and then we went off over the water. I was practically giggling it was so cool.

So then we got to Columbus and everything was so GREEN. Everywhere you look there's trees and grass and rivers. One of the coolest things, to me anyway, is that there's baskets of flowers on all the lamp posts downtown. Big baskets of pretty flowers! That aren't dead! The airport is only about 4 miles away from our house, so we got there pretty quick thanks mainly to our TomTom. Our neighborhood is very odd. It's not a typical suburban neighborhood. It looks to me like there was a big farm or open field in the middle of a bunch of normal neighborhoods, and someone decided to plop some houses down on it. There's no sidewalks or fences, everything is green green grass and the houses are abnormally spaced. It's really cute and nice, just slightly odd. And full of FIREFLIES!!!!!!!! I've never seen fireflies before, and our block is so full of them! It makes me think of Shakespearian woodsy parties, like Midsummer Night's Dream.

But the house itself is perfect. I was so relieved! The front room is very large, and the carpet all through the house is brand new. The kitchen is nice, with more counterspace than it looked in the pictures. Chris' office is very very long and will work perfect for his office at one end and the laundry at the other. The kids rooms are large and my room is not huge, but comparatively, it's gigantic. There's enough room for everything to fit inside and still have walking space. There's also 2 full size closets. The little bathroom is already painted PURPLE!! ha ha ha ha . The big one is white, but I'm sure I can spruce it up a little. I'm totally in love with my new house, and I wish I could show everybody...sniff. You'll all have to come visit me. So there.

The city is really nice. We're 15 miles away from Ohio State, but it doesn't feel like we're really far away from the center of everything. We looked around everywhere, Campus, just outside of campus, German village, campus, the stadium, campus, and then for kicks we poked around campus for a while. You have to figure a University has to be pretty big to have Barnes and Noble as it's official Bookstore. But it was a beautiful campus, and much the same as the U with all it's quads and cuteness, and much different in all it's lakes and hugeness and blessed flatness. I tell you, if anywhere should be flat, it's a campus and a zoo. We didn't go to the Zoo by the way, although everyone said it's fantastic. We figured we'd wait for the kids and go all together.

We were only there for two days basically, so it was a whirlwind tour, but I'm really glad we went, because now I know a little more about what I'm getting into. Instead of this vague nowhere place called Columbus Ohio, now we're going somewhere I've been before and I liked. I have a kitchen that's already stocked with chips and salsa and even some plastic cups. There's toilet paper in the bathroom and extra lightbulbs in the garage. I'm able to get really excited now--which is good, because if I think too hard about it then I get upset...12.5 days and counting

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erin said...

That is one thing I will really miss. The Green and the huge trees. I was wandering through a neighborhood yesterday where there were houses on one side of the street and a forest on the other (right in the middle of town). I love it!

But I miss the brown of Utah too. I miss the mountains a lot!

It seems that there is something to love anywhere you go.