Sunday, March 30, 2008

That is slightly depressing.

Okay, I just googled my name, and you would not believe how many thing came up. Allison Hill is apparently a (bad) neighborhood in PA, an artist, sculptor, finance manager, a photographer, and who knows what else. Allison Wells is a classical singer, a kindergarten teacher, an author, and a 16 year old girl in Hawaii. It's kind of a lot to live up to--I'm going to have to work hard to get my name up there with all the rest of them. If you google my brother he's the first one to come up--however, this is kind of cheating because he has his own website that's CALLED And of course, the computer thinks you spelled it wrong.

I don't remember why I just googled my name, except that I'm trying to keep my mind off the job I just left. It doesn't matter, I have a new job, a BETTER job, but it still sends me into a panic to quit--especially when people are so immature about it. Why do people take things so personally? I'm quitting for better pay and better hours, something I accept I'm not going to find in the B&B industry as a whole (until I own my own, of course). I gave notice, I did everything I should have done, and yet my boss is being a baby about it. Maybe it's okay, because now I don't feel guilty about finding another job--instead I'm relieved to be getting out of what is obviously a messed up place. It's the final insult though, because I've been defending my job to my family for months now. Everytime I had to work weird hours, or no hours at all, and my husband or my mom would say, "why do you put up with this? This isn't what your job is supposed to be!" or "I just saw that you could work at McDonalds for more money than you're making." And I defend it, every time. And this is what I get. It makes me sick.

I need to get my mind off it now though, because it's over. Maybe I'll watch Doctor Who...that usually helps.

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