Monday, March 3, 2008

Cogito Ergo Sum

You're probably wondering why I have called you all together. I have decided that in light of the coming life-changing event that is soon to, you know, change lives, I should record the process. And what better way to record the personal issues of my family than on the internet!

I'll start at the beginning for those of you coming in late. My husband Chris is graduating from the U in May. This is a big deal because he's getting TWO bachelor degrees with honors and all sorts of nifty things, including a "Stole of Gratitude". This sounds a lot like the "Penguin of Knowledge" but stick with me here. It's a very pretty sash you wear around your neck that means basically nothing. You buy it yourself if you want one, but then after you graduate you're supposed to give it to someone you are grateful to--a family member, friend, etc who has supported you in some meaningful way. It's kind of like a gameball. My husband decided he's going to wear one and give it to me--which doesn't mean the sweet thing you're thinking it does--if he gives it to me he gets to keep it himself. Anyway, he's graduating and then he's going to grad school. He's been accepted to The Ohio State University so unless Pittsburgh throws tons of money at him we're moving to Columbus in August.

I'm actually pretty excited to finally know where we're going. We've been talking about this move in very vague, general terms, but now we know exactly where we're going which changes everything. Now I can research schools for Zoe and jobs for myself and get moving quotes and find a house. Ah, house. There's the rub. I have no idea what we're going to do. I do NOT want to go back to living in an apartment again, so we need to find a house to rent. But it's silly to rent a house and not get any equity out of it, so we'd love to buy a house but that's not going to happen. Rent to own might be an option--we'll have to see.

I feel like I have one foot in both places. I'm trying to get that life set up and ready to occupy, while trying to have as much fun as I can here before I leave and never come back. I grew up in Salt Lake, and I think it's beautiful--and of course, familiar. But on the other hand I'm really excited to do something new. The only time in my life I've lived more than 5 miles away from my mother was my senior year of high school when she sent me to Tuacahn in St. George. That was only 9 months, and only 300 miles away and I had a car...and you know, I look back at that time in my life and I have no idea how I came out of it alive. You'd think that I did a lot of stupid things, and don't get me wrong, I did, but I did molly-mormon stupid things. I stayed up way too late and ate too much junk food and drove too fast and kissed THREE boys. It's after I came back that I started the really stupid things--but that's another story. I do wish that I hadn't gone on a credibility destroying rampage the second I got home...

That paragraph kind of got away from me, but the point I was trying to make is that now that I'm at a ripe old age I know that my mother is not only much smarter than I am, but MUCH more capable, and I'm scared silly to move away from her. Luckily I have two incredibly cute kids so she'll have to come visit me all the time if only to see them.

So I'm going to spend the next 5 months having as much Utah fun as I can, which I can only assume involves green jello and sing-alongs.

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