Monday, June 22, 2009


I know I know I know. It's been a really long time and you've all written me letters and cards wondering if I'm okay and when oh when will I update my blog!?!

Well the problem is that I don't have a bunch to say on one thing. I do have some cool pictures, but as i have no idea how to get them off my phone and onto anywhere other than facebook, you'll have to see them there. So for this blog I will not try for consistency of theme or any kind of linear timeline, and feel free to make of it what you will.

My laptop is dead. It's still technically alive--I think the light is still blinking, but it's sitting in a corner of the family room and we don't dare to touch it, let alone open it. It got a virus that got in and turned off my firewall and and my task manager, so I now have no control over anything and every link takes me to an internet porn site. and then when we tried to fix it we got the blue screen of death and it shut off. I didn't realize how much i relied on my laptop until it was dead and chris is too busy actually using his so all I'm left with is the one in the office. I know, whine whine. I'm glad I have one, but it's so FAR AWAY. If you don't know the layout of my house you don't realize quite how FAR AWAY the office is from EVERYTHING ELSE.

My daughter is gone-it's been just over two weeks now, with 5 left to go, and I'm handling it much better than I thought I would (and much better than chris), but again I didn't realize what I had until it was gone. As in, I didn't realize how much she actually does play with Jimmy (especially on saturday mornings) until no one's there to play with him but me. Jimmy and I have now beat the Incredibles Underminer game 3 times and now we're working on Finding Nemo. I'm very very good at the incredibles, and I don't think ANYONE is good at Finding Nemo. That's seriously the worst game I've ever seen. I'm trying to get him to like tetris.

My job is going great-business is slowing down, which while sucky is not unexpected, but my tips are going way way up. I take this to mean that everything is fine with the business, the customers must be happy or they wouldn't be tipping as much as they are, and it's just the nice weather that makes them go out.

Creepy Fruit Cup Guy (you remember him from the earlier post), who by the way CALLED me on my birthday to say Happy Birthday (how did he get my number?), came by today and asked me why I had so many pimples on my face. Apparently he used up all his tact last time. Jerk. It's not my fault my skin still thinks its 15. Seriously-who does that?

I'm designing the set for Doubt, and while I'm happy to be doing it, I was the director's THIRD choice, and he keeps telling me what to do. And both of my children, upon hearing what I was doing, became very upset that someone would stoop to asking ME to draw anything when they could have simply asked THEM. Also, I have never seen a full production at this theatre, and I have no idea what materials are available to me (which would be really useful information as I have a budget of exactly $3.72)

I have the day off on July 3rd, and there's a big fireworks show downtown and we're going to go see it. I'm really really excited because I've never seen the 4th here in columbus and I bet it's going to be really cool.

Also, we're going to go back to Old Man's Cave and hopefully Ash Cave sometime soon because it was totally awesome and we'll be better prepared and take a real camera with us. And a walking stick. But we'll stick with the red vines, they were a good choice.

My gazebo blew over the other day in a very quick and violent storm that may, or may not, have been rotating at some point somewhere in the vicinity. it's quite broken too, but I think we'll be able to fix it with some duct tape and rope. okay a lot of duct tape. But I LOVE having the table and chairs out there-we're in the midst of firefly season and it's the most magical thing I've ever seen. They even look like fairies up close!

And lastly, I'm trying to plan all sorts of things for when my Dad comes out in July-I know he's not going to be here for very long and I know Jimmy's making very elaborate plans for the things they're going to build together, but there's so many things I want to do with him and see with him. Doubt opens that weekend, and I really want him to see Old Man's Cave. And the tadpoles at the park which won't be tadpoles by then because some of the ones we saw on saturday had legs already. and he needs a thurman burger. definitely.

mmm...thurman burger...


erin said...

Sounds like things are going well. I wish I was there to go to the caves with you. It sounds like fun.

We love having Zoe with us. Holly and Sam love having an extra sibling for the summer.

We miss you and love you!

Allison Hill said...

You would LOVE those caves--seriously one day you have to come out and we'll take you there.

We miss you too!

BCass said...

I linked to you from your comment on seriouslysoblessed because I need your translation help. usually I'm so good with her utah-ese (i usually lay in bed and read her posts aloud cuz I do a great utah accent and it cracks my wife up.) but I totally don't get "presode" which made root beer come out of your nose. can you please translate for me. I know its pathetic that I'm sending a message to a complete stranger about it, but I'm hooked on her blog and don't wanna miss a single joke. I would be so jazzed if you would email me at noidontplaybasketball (at) gmail. thanks so much.