Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I did actually, just make cookies, and I thought about sending some to you. But I didn't. sorry.

I have some quotes from Jimmy to brighten your day. The first two were said to me around 2 am last night and the night before, as he shook me awake.
"Mom" crying "I want everything I see on TV"
"wha? Like what honey"
"an extra life in table tennis"

"Mom, I need our home address"
"why? go back to bed"
"I can't. I need our home address"

After which he immediately went back to his bed and slept.

But the best one is the other day when we were driving home and there were kids in the road. We don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood, so I know they have nowhere else to walk, but you'd think they'd at least move a little for the cars. Anyway, there were three teenagers walking in the road (two boys and one girl in very short shorts), and as Chris started to complain that they shouldn't walk in the middle of the road Jimmy looks out the window and says, "But, wow, that girl's a really great walker!"


pwells said...

Well, he's just a little boy at two in the morning, but getting to be a really big boy in the day!

Erin said...


Ash said...

Hahahahaha!!! That's great. How old is he now? Little kids are so good for things like that! ;) You can always count on them for their comments.

Dynamic duo said...

Aw! I miss your kids! I miss you!! When are you coming to be my neighbor again???