Friday, May 15, 2009

27, a time for reflection.

So, I just turned 27. No, I didn't eat my whole cake myself. Didn't even have a cake actually. I figured since I'm the one that makes the cakes, I wasn't going to bother. This didn't go over very well with Jimmy though, because a birthday with no party, no cake, and no pinata was just a regular day with presents-not a proper birthday at all. We did go out to dinner though, with our friend John, and Chris was very mean and subjected me to cruel tortures that were bad enough at the time, but then he took pictures and posted them on facebook. Jerk. that same day another picture was posted of me on facebook at Candie's wedding. Now, I had a great time at the party, and I know that while I was the ONLY one dancing for about an hour, eventually everyone was dancing and having a great time and I started that and that's awesome. BUT. this particular picture is of a really really fat chick dancing all by herself (chris was next to me but not really dancing). I learned several things from this picture:

1. A-Line haircuts are great for other people.
2. My awesome purple shoes truly are as awesome as I thought they were.
3. That particular top has a certain potential but...
4. I really should tan more
5. I really don't care how much weight I've lost since then, it's not NEARLY as much as I thought it was, and what were all you people thinking letting me look like that?

(did you like how I blame others for my own problems?) Feel free to look up this picture, I'm tagged so it's easy to find. Just remember when you see it that YOU PEOPLE saw this often, and NEVER brought it to my attention. Now that I know, steps will be taken! Oh yes, you heard me, STEPS! (not literally though, 'cause, you know, my back, and I'm so busy, yeah, excersize is just like really not an option right now).

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erin said...

Happy belated Birthday! actually I wished you birthday late on purpose so that the glory of your birthday could be relived. I'm nice that way.