Friday, December 5, 2008

Too tired for pictures

Hi Everybody!!! (psst...this is where you say, HI DR. NICK!) I just got home from work and I feel the need to tell you all about how much I love my job. No really, I do! The new location opened yesterday, and it's beautiful! It's in an office building in an area kind of like Sandy or Fort Union (only brand new construction), so the area is nice, the building is nice, all that stuff. I've been getting the place ready for about a week and a half now, cleaning and organizing and moving stuff in...made all the more difficult because last Tuesday (right before Thanksgiving) we were moving a cooler from the kitchen in Powell into the car to take it to Easton for the new cafe, (it's one of those glass fronted half size Pepsi cooler things), and something went wrong the first time I picked it up and I sprained my back. Yes, I said the first time I picked it up. I picked it up a few more times that day as well. I never said I was smart. so I've sprained my back really bad, and by the time I get home from work I feel like throwing up or passing out or just dying. But it's almost worth it to get this store going! I took some pictures of it on Wednesday, but the cord for the camera is not sitting next to me on the desk and I hurt too bad to go looking for it. so you'll have to wait a little longer for pictures (I'll get better ones on Monday anyway--we've added stuff).

But I have to say how much I love my job. We didn't tell anyone we were opening on Thursday--we just wanted to open our doors and see what happened while we're training ourselves on procedures and what these particular people are looking for. But we had people coming in before we even opened the doors and they never stopped! Today we frequently had lines out the door and down the hall (we're in our own little suite right by the door to the courtyard between buildings where an inordinate amount of people go to smoke--so they all see us), and we barely kept up. we ran out of soup on both days, roast beef, parmesan, provolone, buffalo chicken, and nearly out of containers. It was awesome. I hope this keeps up because all day, even though I really was in a lot of pain, I kept thinking how lucky I was to have this job and how satisfied and happy I am. Also my boss has already had several problems and surgery on his own back, so he's very understanding and careful that I'm doing what I should be doing (I'm not allowed to lift more than 15lbs, etc). I'm just really really happy!

Oh yeah, and because I mentioned this in the last post I thought I should let you know that we caught things in time and Zoe is Spot Free! Hooray! She's a snotty little thing, but I'm told that that's genetic...^_^

Jimmy's Birthday Party is tomorrow--I told Chris that I'd need more help than usual because I can't move very well and he said, "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you I have somewhere to be at that exact time..." and I said, "that's okay, you can take all 7 five-year-olds with you then!" I hope 7. I only had 2 people tell me yes, so who knows if the other 4 will come or not?

Speaking of that, I need to actually stand up now so I can take Zoe to Walmart with me before Jimmy gets home. Poor kid. I've NEVER actually made his birthday cake. ME. NEVER. He doesn't care though, and thank goodness for that because a big cake hurts my back on the best of days...I can't even imagine what would happen if I tried now!


pwells said...

Hi Dr. Nick!
(If you're actually going to Dr. Nick, you'll never get better)
Don't let Chris out of the birthday party. Tell him you'll do all the girl ones and he gets the boys. Although that could backfire along into teenage years...

Allison Hill said...

Nah, he was just kidding. But as it was, only two kids came and no one wanted to play any of the games or activities--it was like a big playdate with cake and presents. Very odd, but pretty nice to just sit around and chat with the other parents (Sophie's mom is staff at OSU and is from southern Idaho and the U so we have a lot in common).

erin said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

What is this about Zoe being spot free?

Allison Hill said...

Oh, remember she gets those awful spots when she's exposed to strep that take months to go away? We caught it in time and she didn't get them, yay!