Saturday, January 3, 2009

How SWEET it is!!!!

Wow. Can I just say, WOW. That was an awesome game!!! It was the best possible outcome I think. Not just that we won, but that we won decisively. You can't look at that game and say it was luck or anything like that. Everyone played well, and we played BETTER. I am incredibly proud to be a Ute.

In other news, we had our first Christmas in Ohio and it was nice. Weird, but nice. My parents came out the week before and we did all sorts of awesome stuff that my mom already wrote about on her blog. Christmas morning the kids woke up at a semi-reasonable time and found that the hallway to the livingroom was blocked with wrapping paper. Santa does this to prevent any sneaking of presents before parents are awake. So we broke through it and found that Santa came! The kids had lots of cool presents and new watches, I got Twilight books, and Chris got the best present any red blooded american 31 year old married grad student could wish for:

A Carol Channing Ventriloquist Doll

Seriously! It's so awesome! and a little scary... No really, I was with my mom and we couldn't fiure out what I should give him because anything he really wanted or needed was over my budget and I didn't want to get him something dumb like handkerchiefs (again...) and we turned a corner and there it was, the only one left, and 30% off. How could I resist?

We spent the next 4 days in post-Christmas bliss, the kids were playing with their new toys, Chris was doing, um, something, I unfortunately have absolutely no idea what anyone was doing because in case you didn't catch it before, I got two Twilight books for Christmas and in those 4 days I read them both...twice. I finally resurfaced Monday morning and dragged myself off to work to get my paycheck so I could afford the last book and immediately lose myself again. Which I did.

Now I need to see the movie...

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Dynamic duo said...

You are so cool. I miss you and your family. I am glad at least one person watches the Utes game. I don't have TV and have to live vicariously through the newspaper.

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