Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sorry sorry sorry. I'm very busy. And I'm sick. I'm very busy and sick. And I found a new version of online sudoku which takes up all my computer time. (I mean lets be honest here).

I don't have a lot of time, I have to go to work in ten minutes, but I feel bad I haven't said anything about anything for weeks. so here's a really fast update from Ohio:

My job is great and perfect except for the fact that the new location hasn't opened yet, which means much less money than there should be. Hopefully that will all change very very soon and we will be able to breathe a little easier! Chris finally got a paycheck though, and that's very nice indeed. Also my boss has agreed to sell my faerie cakes at one of the other locations as well as the new one that I'll be in charge of, so that's really cool. I brought in the first bit of them yesterday so I'm anxious to see how they do.

Halloween is MESSED UP here, we were lucky that our neighborhood had trick or treating actually on the 31st, a lot of places didn't, but even then, the time was restricted to 6-8pm, so it wasn't even dark. And on top of that, the whole process was jacked. The best part of Halloween is the walking around the neighborhood in the dusky darkness, knocking on doors and waiting suspensefully for them to open up so you can yell "trick or treat" and then the nice old people say "oh how cute you all are! you scared me!" but no. no fun surprises here in Ohio. You walk along the sidewalk, and every driveway has people in it sitting in lawn chairs with a bowl of candy. You walk up to them, maybe say trick or treat if you feel like it, and they give you candy. then you walk to the next driveway, and the next, and the next. It was weird and dumb. I was thinking all of this as we were going, but I wasn't going to say anything because I didn't think the kids would care all that much (I mean, they were getting a TON of candy for no work at all), but then they both started complaining that it wasn't any fun because they weren't surprising anyone, and Zoe said it was like the cafeteria at her school (which I thought was pretty astute of her). Then they decided they were tired (after only about 30 minutes) and they wanted to go home and go to bed. Early. Oh well, good for me I suppose.

I also had my first choir rehearsal on sunday (I'm the new choir director in case I forgot to tell some of you) and it went very well, I had 4 TENORS and even 2 basses. Unfortunately the Bishop didn't approve all the music I wanted, he said that even though "Though in the Outward Church Below" was in the old hymnbook and was very pretty and upbeat, it still had a "little too much Hell and Damnation" for sacrament meeting. So I said, "but what's Easter without some Damnation?" I got a rather interesting look for that one. Oh well. We're still doing "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing" for Thanksgiving so I'm pleased.

Zoe is out of school (yesterday and today) so I'm taking her to work with me. Poor kid, doesn't even get a vacation! At least it's better than sending her to school with Chris!

Oh yeah, and I have strep, and as soon as I was officially diagnosed I called and got Zoe an antibiotic too, but I found a bunch of spots on her head last night so lets all hope and pray that we caught it in time...I really really don't want her to have to deal with a full break out this first year at the new school.

And last but not least, it's November 4th, so go VOTE!!! I know there's an election because in the last week I've had at least 4 calls EVERY DAY from Edward Norton, Michelle Obama, Obama himself, several Kennedys, and lots of random people from Obama's campaign offices. All with the helpful information of where my voting location is. Funnily enough, I haven't heard a single word from the republicans. I want this over just so everyone can calm down.


erin said...

Crazy trick or treating. We went to Helaman Halls so we were inside but the kids did get to knock on doors. They were all cute college girls who oohed and ahhed at all the adorable kids.

pwells said...

It's better than the house where the kids knocked and the guy blasted them with a shotgun through the door because he thought they were going to rob him! And they were just kids, with their dad watching from the sidewalk. Maybe Utah is the only safe place left:)

Dynamic duo said...

Wow, woman - busy bee you are! You make me look lazy. LOL. I miss you guys. So sorry to hear how lame OH is for Halloween. We actually celebrated this yr. Couldn't not since Dylan is now aware of it.

We are in a house now ... come visit my blog. I caved. I did it. Good luck with those faerie cakes! Keep posting on the progress, babe! Good luck in choir, too. Ick.