Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I know right? Stare at it long enough and you start drooling...or noticing that the burger looks rather dry which only leads to fantasizing about the many different ways to dress it up that happen to be in your fridge RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so we're dieting. kind of. Alright, Chris is dieting and I'm too lazy to not to. Why is Chris dieting? Cause I'd rather not put him through school just to have him die of heart disease and diabetes the minute he graduates. So we're watching calories and cholesterol and sugar, and we've learned a new appreciation for our wonderful friend Tivo that lets us fast forward the food commercials. We're doing well, probably mostly because Chris is too busy to eat anything at all, and I'm, again, too lazy to cook with him gone all the time so I just eat salad.

Which reminds me that I haven't written in so long you guys don't even know about my job! My job is completely awesome and I honestly don't know how I got so lucky to get the perfect job, but I did. I work for Dish Mobile Cafe, which brings food into small office buildings that don't have their own restuarants. I'm helping out at a few different locations right now, but in a few weeks I'm going to be managing a new location closer to my house with more hours and better pay than right now, but I'll still be able to put Zoe on the bus and be back with Jimmy by the time she gets home.

Which, in turn, brings me to Zoe. and the bus. The school bus. The big mean school bus full of bullies. I opened the door to meet the bus this afternoon and found that it had just come and all the kids were converging on my lawn (with their mothers) around my poor crying baby. My first thought (other than that the bus was insanely early) was that she'd been hit by the bus, but no, she'd been hit by another kid. It's raining a lot today, and at a big turn she'd lost control of her umbrella and it got a little too close to a bigger girl across the aisle. When this girl passed Zoe to get off at her stop she punched her several times in the leg while yelling unintelligibly. When I got her inside and looked at it it was red and swollen and fist shaped, but it's gone down considerably. Now I know that lots could have happened as far as provocation, but since all the other kids were telling me this girl completely flipped out over nothing, I have to believe them. I called the school and the bus driver supervisors and they said they'd figure out which girl it is (it shouldn't be hard since the buses have assigned seats and we know which stop she gets off at) and talk to the principal. She didn't tell the driver at the time because her regular driver wasn't there and she says they don't do anything anyway. I suppose this is just regular kid bullying and all, but this is my BABY and I'm going to make a big stink about it.

Also, I'm coming to SLC weekend after next to testify at the hearing. I don't remember if I've said much about that here, but Judy (shudder) is suing Buffy (from Haxton Manor), saying that she broke her wrist at work and so Buffy and the state should pay for it. I'm really really unhappy about the whole situation, but I get to go home for a couple days (and Jimmy's coming with me) so that's good. I'm still not sure that it makes up for the inconvenience and uncomfortableness and mess of it all though.

I think I'm going to go to sleep now though, and maybe then I can wake up when Chris gets home from rehearsal instead of falling asleep right when he gets home.


pwells said...

If you're going to put up pictures of food, it should be good food that you have made - even if it has to be pictures from past fabulous meals!
The same goes for pictures of Zoe. We need to see a smiling picture, after reading about her tragic ordeal;)

barlow.stephanie said...

hey girl,
i lost your email, but your mom gave me your blog. I moved to CA!!! I love it here, but miss you. Check out my blog at
lets catch up!