Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I don't actually have time to blog today, making this no different from the preceding weeks and months. However what DOES make today different is that I am very sick. and at work. These two things combine to keep me awake and yet not altogether mentally aware. Thusly I'm taking a break from making large tax payments with other people's money to update my blog.

Since I last blogged I have done some theatre. So much in fact that at the moment I don't even want to talk about it. I have done some good things at work and made my boss very happy with me, and that makes me very happy. It's nice to have a job I'm good at that I like so much.

My kids are happy and very old now-Jimmy just turned 8, and Zoe turned 10 in October. I feel old, and then I remember that I'm still only in my first year of being 29, and that makes me feel better.

Chris is done with his exams and will start on his dissertation soon, he's already applying for jobs. I would love to move to Ireland, but I'll settle for any job that pays him in real money instead of tuition wavers.

We're leaving for Utah one week from today because the calendar seems to think that Christmas is coming soon, but I really couldn't be less prepared or less in the right spirit if I tried. I wore my favorite Christmas earrings today, so we'll see if that helps me along. This lack of cheer worries me a little, because Christmas has always been my favorite time of year and I usually annoy everyone around me with my enthusiasm. I imagine it will come eventually, I just hope it comes before 2012.

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Rachel said...

I totally know how you feel about the lack of Christmas spirit this year. I try to listen to Christmas music every day in the car to prep myself for my students' excitement about the season...but I still feel like a Scrooge most days. Bleh. We don't even have a tree up yet in our apartment. What is up this year??