Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

The last few days have been pretty funny, in very different ways.

On Thursday my boss heralded the end of tax season by taking the whole office out to dinner and drinks. This was really fun because I started there right at new years, so everyone's been really stressed and busy and I haven't had too much chance to get to know them very well. The next day my boss had to leave early so we all got to leave early and I took the opportunity to go to walmart without the kids to get Easter stuff.

I didn't worry about getting much stuff because of the easter egg hunt we were planning on going to on Saturday at the Shamrock Club. We went to this last year and it was so much fun. They have lots of land around the club and they section off areas for different age groups and hide thousands of eggs filled with candy. So the kids get to absolutely fill their buckets without worrying about being nice to the little kids and its a total blast. Then there's food and music and a raffle and its just really really fun and we started planning this years trip as soon as we left last year.

So I'm standing in line with my cart and feeling happy that I was getting out of the store in one piece, when I looked at my phone and saw something weird on my calendar widget. I had completely forgotten that that was the day I had scheduled to take my CPR class. It went from 8:00-5:30 and there was no way I could change it. So not only could I not go to the Shamrock Club as we'd had planned for a year, but I couldn't spend the afternoon dying eggs and doing my homework that was due by midnight either.

So I broke it to the kids that I couldn't take them, and went to my class. It was fine, the teacher was really really good, and I'm glad I learned how to do it. It didn't do anything nice for my costochondritis LET ME TELL YOU. Chris brought the kids over and we had lunch together though, so that was nice. And then when I got home I found that he had had them clean their rooms and the family room so we could get right to egg dying.

We don't hide the real eggs at our house (I know that if we ever did we would lose one), but we still like to dye them. So we cooked and dyed 27 eggs while we talked about the real meaning of Easter. And I introduced the kids to the little shrink-wrap sleeves. I've never bothered with that before so they've never seen it and they thought it was pretty neat. Then I did my homework which was two chapters and a quiz in Advanced Medical Terminology which had to be done by midnight. You may well ask why I hadn't done it before Saturday, to which I answer, hey man, I don't answer to you!

I finished my homework at 11:51 and I still had to do baskets and hide eggs and do all that stuff. I was grumbling and whining about not feeling well and being in pain and being tired and why do we have to hide crap anyway when I went into the living room and found a note very carefully placed where it would be seen immediately upon entering the front door. It was addressed to "Mr Bunny". It very politely asked Mr Bunny if he knew Santa Claus and if so could he pass along a message to him? My son is adorable.

All in all, we had an okay Easter, and at the end of it of course is the realization of why we celebrate it at all.

Oh yeah, and to keep you up to date, a week or so ago I had a very very bad headache that wouldn't go away and so early in the morning I cut my hair. off. Very very short like it used to be. I think I did a pretty good job-but it took me a couple days to remember how to style it right! And in case you're wondering, yes my headache did go away, but only for a day. It was worth it.

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