Thursday, October 8, 2009

kids and work and all that jazz

So very much to say, and absolutely no energy or mental strength to do so. 3 weeks ago my boss said he didn't want to run my cafe anymore so there were two options. The first option was to close it down and i'd need a new job, and the second option was for ME to take over. So basically I was handed a business on a silver platter. Its a very good situation, but its a whole heck of a lot of work that I'm not used to or experienced in. Plus, as good as any situation is, it's all on me to do something with it. I have the weather on my side (no one wants to walk anywhere for lunch when it's raining and cold), and everyone's being really supportive, but I'm still scared silly.

My children are crazy. Every day I pick them up from school and they say something else that suprises me. It's ridiculous how smart they are, and everyday I have some member of the staff or faculty telling me so. And yet when we get home, all of a sudden they're selfish lazy bratty kids who only use their brains to try to outwit the other or worse, us. That's not entirely true, but it sure feels like it sometimes! I'm perversely grateful for the times when Jimmy is hurt or legitimately sad and Zoe rushes to comfort him. Its makes me so happy to see that they actually DO care about each other. Saturdays are my favorite because we all cuddle together and do nothing. An outside observer might think that our couch is too big for our family room, or that we need more seating, but our favorite family activity is everyone piled on each other on the couch watching movies or tv or football or pretending to while we're actually asleep.

I think I started rambling back there so I'm going to bed before I lose it completely. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday-here's hoping its a really busy day!

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