Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hang on, I need to find the camera. And the cord. And figure out how to do this.

Would you believe it's been 2 days since I wrote the title of this post?

I won't bore you with the details of my life the last few weeks, I went to Utah (which is another post) and left my kids with my wonderful parents and Chris and I have been left to our own devices for 18 days. Let me just say that we are very different people without children.

So lets get on to the main attraction, shall we?

This is Christmas morning at Grandma's house, from left to right we have my sister-in-law Erin holding Max, Zoe, Holly, Jimmy, and Sam. They're waiting by the door to the livingroom while Grandpa checks to see if Santa really did come.

Apparently he DID! Those are all ELEVEN stockings, all hand-knitted by my mother and stuffed full of candy and peanuts and fruit and cereal and presents.

This is back in Ohio, the day after we got back in January. Jimmy is wearing his new coat and doing some sort of awesome dance.

Close up on the awesome dance.

He's very good at shoveling unstepped on snow.

Helping Daddy.

I had to put this in-this is a bad picture of my nutcracker collection. I have many different kinds, but my favorite is the one just to the left of center -a Mountie that my parents brought me from Canada.

This is a Zoe's 3rd grade class performing Thriller at the end of the year. I was about to tell you which one she is, but she's the only white girl in the picture ^_^. She's also wearing the best costume...

And has the least rhythm. Notice how everyone else in the picture (especially the girl in the front) is in the middle of some great move and my beautiful daughter is just kind of standing there? Yeah. Funny thing is, she worked really really hard on this dance and practiced all the time so she had everything memorized. I guess you either have it or you don't. It's cute though because Jimmy somehow ended up with it.

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