Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring in Ohio

I wanted to blog, because I'm happy today, but now that I've started I don't have much to say. My job is going well, things are seeming to pick up a bit which is nice. I'm still having massive migraines and they're starting to branch out into new symptoms that are not very fun and last week resulted in my coworkers calling 911. ugh. But I still love my job and I LOVE spring here. Everything is so green and there are citywide gardening motifs that all include daffodils which is awesome.

The kids have new schedules at school, Zoe spends half the day in 3rd grade and half the day in 5th, and Jimmy splits his time between kindergarten and 1st. Since this started she's been happier and he's stopped acting up so I think it's a really good thing. They're just too smart for their own good.

Chris is finishing his thesis and getting ready for his defense date in May, and we're all very very excited for him to be done with it and get his Masters. I'm hoping we'll be able to afford graduation announcements before its too late, but if we don't then keep an eye out on facebook.

We (the kids and I at least) are coming to Utah at the end of June, I'll stay about a week and then head home and leave the kids for a while to be spoiled rotten by any and all. I can't stay longer because I'll be starting rehearsals for "Dancing at Lughnasa" with Solstice, and especially if Chris can't come then I don't want to stay too long. But its also my 10 year reunion, and that's going to be awesome (and freaky-that makes me old).

I'm also anxiously awaiting news from my nearest relatives-my cousin Ben and his wife Amanda are at the hospital (having an excellent time I'm sure) having their first baby boy and I'm very excited for them!

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