Monday, March 2, 2009

My new car!!!!!

This is just a picture I took off the car doesn'thave those stupid wheels. But other than that this is the car we bought on saturday, a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Some of you might remember that we used to own a 93 that was blue, well when we saw this one we knew we couldn't pass it up. It's in absolutely perfect condition, with new tires and very well maintained. And it's grey on the inside, so it's perfect for us Buckeye Fans! I'm really really happy with it and incredibly relieved that we have a second car. We were making it work, but it was horrible. The family time was really nice, but I was driving for 4-5 hours everyday and the kids were with me for most of that and it was just too much. I'm trying really hard to avoid surgery and driving is something I'm supposed to limit if not avoid completely. I have to drive a little but now thankfully I don't have to be running around everywhere all the time. Hooray!! (I'm a little excited, can you tell?)

However I did something really bad on Friday--I don't know what I did exactly but I was trying to stretch my back at work and found a new stretch that I thought was great until suddenly I couldn't move and my arm went numb. It eased up after about an hour but I've been in absolutely incredible pain ever since. I'm laying here on my heating pad with my pain pills and still want to cry! (But on the bright side when the ambulance came to church yesterday to get the sister with shortness of breath and chest pain it wasn't ME! That may sound mean to those who don't know me, but it's happened before and I was happy to be on the helping the ambulance find the building end this time.) My appointment with the neurosurgeon is on the 10th so hopefully he'll give me some physical therapy and pain management techniques and shelve the surgery for now. I have lots of other things I'm doing now and this back thing is getting in the way. I got a raise at work, so I'd like to work a lot, I'm trying to get a few springcleaning/organizing things done and there's two rooms I'd like to paint. Not to mention some excersizing!

On that note however, I have great news--I bought new jeans on saturday and they are 2 sizes smaller than the ones I wore when I moved to Ohio. So I'm pretty happy about that! The girl scouts are trying to derail me though--drat those cookies!


pwells said...
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pwells said...


It's the drugs - right?

I'm glad you're off the road so much. Now don't let Chris drive your car:)

Allison Hill said...

umm...yeah. we'll say it's the drugs. or the pain. or the children climbing on me. or the fact that I have never in my life been able to spell that word. I'd like to take that as my excuse as to why I don't do it, but it hasn't worked so far.