Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah Yeah...

I know. I said I'd post pictures after the truck arrived, and here it's been a week and yet there's no pictures. Give me a break will ya? Let me give you a little taste of what's been going on here and maybe then you'll understand.

First, we were trying to get ready for the Taste of Reynoldsburg--the little fair I was making my start in. This is hard to do when you don't even have a kitchen table. so we had to buy one. Then we realized that I had packed the cake pans on the truck. so we had to buy some. Then we found the cake pans where they were carefully packed and realized that what was on the truck was cookie sheets. so we had to buy some.

Sooo, then the truck came and we actually had tons of people come to help us out and it only took a couple of hours to get it all unloaded. Everything we packed carefully came out perfectly--the piano, the dressers, the stereo, the cedar chest, the castle, the bouquet, etc. But...we kind of used the entertainment center as a wall, and since it's about 6 years old and made of Shopko particle board, it didn't fair so well. We got it kind of propped up now and it even holds the TV! You hardly notice the slant... a few dumb little bookshelves gave up their lives, but the real tragedy is my Dragon--most of you probably never saw him but he was beautiful and sparkly and purple and now he's slightly...less. Mostly on the front. I looked for the piece that broke off so I could glue it back on but there was nothing in the box but dust. Apparently I slacked off a bit when i packed that box. But everything else came through great, dishes, glasses, pictures, everything!

So Chris immediately unpacked the printer so he could hook it up and print off the labels I needed for the Taste, but there was no power cord. At this point we had no choice, so we had to buy one. (are you seeing a pattern here?) Not buy a power cord mind you, a new printer. I'm not so sure that I believe it was an accident because I know for a fact that Chris has been wanting a new printer for some time. He even showed me the one he wanted at sams club (that we ended up buying early tuesday morning). Highly suspicious...

So the Taste. We worked hard, all three of us, and got over 600 peices of baked goods made, wrapped, labeled, and ready for sale. I got a premier spot, away from anyone else selling goodies and right next to a bridal boutique, and at the end of the night I counted everything and discovered that I had made a whopping $91. So now my freezer is full of bars and cookies...I donated a big box of sugar cookies to the police officers who were at the Taste...and we took the banana bread with us on our trip to Cleveland. Oh well.

So the next day we slept until about 10:30, stumbled out of bed and into the car and were a good 100 miles away before we realized we forgot EVERYTHING WE COULD EVER NEED. My mom broke her glasses that morning, so she was a little distracted trying to find a store that could replace them while packing in her sunglasses. Chris assumed I knew what he needed, I assumed he would pack/put in my hand anything he needed, and basically we didn't bring anything necessary except for the kids' swimming suits (which we promptly left at the first hotel). I say we went to Cleveland, but though we went through it's boundaries we never actually saw it. We went to WildWater Kingdom at Geauga Lake. It was SO AWESOME!!! It was kind of stormy, but since it was free and the people at the park said the radar looked good, we decided to give it a shot. The best part was that everyone already at the park thought the storm would get worse so they all left!!! Seriously, we got there about 4 and people were leaving in droves because there had just been lightening so the lifeguards made everyone get out of the water. We went in and found our cabana (my brother in law who set this whole thing up for us got us a cabana! it was so cool!!!) and by the time we had ordered food (brought right to us at our reserved, shaded deck chairs by the wave pool) everything was back open and we played and played and played until they closed at 8. It was a ton of fun, and I don't even like water parks.

So that was a good day until we got back and read Chris' email to find that because of the way they are paying his stipend his financial aid is basically nil. So that combined with the less than stellar launching of my little business means that I have to get a job. Which Stinks. Oh well. We also found out that Jimmy has a spot in the day care at OSU, so that's good. expensive but good. so here's the new plan. I'm going to get a job and work this year, promoting my business in my spare time (there's a few little shows I was invited to participate in), and then by next fall when Jimmy's in kindergarten I can just do Faerie Cakes in the morning and be done when he's done and have the rest of the day with my kids. It seems really big and disappointing to me right now, but really it's just making me take more time to ease into this new thing. All that happened was the window for success closed by quite a lot so I have to take the time to open it again myself. No biggie. The thing I'm most excited for is that bridal boutique I was next to in the Taste wants me to create a dummy cake to put in their shop. That should bring me something good I think!

Anyway, I have more to say, mostly about Kirtland, but I have to put kids to bed now and watch more Olympics!!!!!! (I love olympics).

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erin said...

Wow you guys have been busy. I am sorry your buisness hasn't started off perfect but keep going. Anything worth it is hard work.

Love ya!